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The part MD-Trainers of MegaDev only deals with developing of game trainers. In detail, that are the MegaTrainer XL (MTXL), the MegaTrainer XE (MTXE) and the MegaTrainer experience (MT-X). In opposition to normal cheats, which are directly supported by games and therefor are implemented by the game-developer from the beginning, game trainer are working by changing the RAM of the games to achieve the desired effect.
The special feature of the MegaTrainers are that they don't support only one game like ordinary (game-)trainer but support a lot of games. Which they are in detail you can find in the trainers-overview.

If you download the trainer the first time you have to download the setup-version to install all necessary (dll-)files on your computer. For later versions you only need the update to install changed/updated files. The setup-version copies three needed dll-files to your pc which are uninstallable on demand along with the trainer.

The primary rocks of the MegaTrainer was already conceived and programmed in the year 2001. Over 7 years it was continuously advanced and was meanwhile available in 3 different languages, but as a result of the additional time needed it hasn't endured a long time. Many games and game version were included over the time and sometimes there we're several modifications to the code necessary to get them to work. Unfortunately there were some problems up to the end which were impossible to fix at this time in such a complex sourcecode and thus it's necessary for some games to use Alt+Tab to switch to the trainer and activate the cheat outside the game. This was a main-problem which was already detected at an early point of time and should be solved in the planed replacement, the MegaTrainer XE, with several other advancements.

MegaTrainer XL is simple to use and reliable software that will help you cross those difficult parts in a game that spoil it's fun.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.
trusted DOWNLOAD 2.5 MB

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